the lake house

{wearing: target denim dress, target sweatshirt, uo shoes, hue tights}

ahhhhh the family lake house, ok its really just my dad's regular house but it feels like a mini vaca whenever i go over there.  george loves lives to swim in his lake.  its really all he looks forward to besides beating up his sister margot or eating flaming hot cheetos.  

the other upside to visiting the lake house is that there's some good thrift stores within a few minutes drive.  i picked up this fur coat (not sure what kind of fur, its not as soft as some of my others) for $15 and this hawaiian dress for $5.  i'm forecasting that hawaiian prints are going to be all the rage later this summer, or maybe that's me trying to make them cool.

can't wait for summer afternoons boating on the lake! 

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