outfits: instagraming

Lately I've been posting my outfits on instagram ~ @georgekillskids or you can view them all here. Guess I feel less guilty about taking lower quality photos. I was reading my blog roll recently and this girl was in the same rut as me. So she started posting a weekly recap of her outfits. Such a good idea! For the time being I think this will suffice until the weather gets a little warmer and the days get a little longer so I can get over my fear of taking photos of myself outside. Guess that means I need to invest in a tripod.

outfit 1 {above}:
cardigan ~ j. crew via crossroads
dress ~ threadsense 
tights ~ target
flats ~ steve madden

outfit 2:
sweater ~ banana republic via the bins
skirt ~ neon nightmare vintage {in store soon!}
tights ~ target
flats ~ 80%20

outfit 3:
sweatshirt ~ target
shirt ~ crewcuts  
dress ~ h&m 
tights ~ drugstore
brogues ~ halogen 

outfit 4:
shirt ~ crewcuts
kimono ~ vintage
shorts ~ ae
tights ~ drugstore
belt ~ j. crew 
boots ~ sam edelman 

outfit 5:
sweatshirt ~ neon nightmare vintage {in store soon!!}
shorts ~ ae
tights ~ drugstore
boots ~ sam edelman 

love this/hate this?  let me know. :)



shopping: kate spade bus tour

Fist off, please ignore my tired puffy eyes, I've been hit hard with early allergies.  This was the first time in days I didn't have to wear my glasses.  Which has an old rx and I can barely see out of.

The other night I lured Voss to the Florence Broadhurst bus tour at Nordstrom with free champagne and a performance by the Vivian Girls - if you read Nylon you probably know who they are, which is a cute indie girl pop/rock group. 

We shopped the new Florence Broadhurst for Kate Spade line and enjoyed some champagne. Voss played devils advocate and convinced me to buy this dress (below). I've been wanting a fluffy cocktail dress for sometime and this is exactly what I had in mind. Can't be having too much fun in it cause I'm notoriously a klutz and spill on all my clothes. 

Decided to hit the town in my Jason Wu for Target dress and thankfully no one else was wearing it. Although there were a ton of adorable girls. 

I didn't know much about Florence Broadhurst so I did a quick interweb search and it turns out she was murdered in her factory and they never solved the case!!  They think the "granny killer" most likely did it.  K-razy.

got this book with my purchase. 

Even Voss dressed the part. :)  

sweater ~ J. Crew {last seen here}
dress ~ Jason Wu for Target {on Ebay of course, last seen here}
turban ~ UO
bag ~ See by Chloe
brogues ~ Halogen {last seen here}
 tights ~ Target

The bus will be in Seattle through Saturday and has a few other stops.  See if they'll be in a city near you!



pizza pals: valentines day edition

As much as I love an excuse to buy pressies and have an excuse to decorate everything in hearts I kinda think valentines day is overrated. Crowded restaurants with over priced fixed menus and cranky waiters really isn't my thing. So last year the Boyf and I decided to make papa johns heart shaped pizza paired with a bottle of champagne our little tradition.

Last year I was so excited for said pizza I didn't care how it was going to taste. This year I was disappointed. I can't say we ever get papa johns because there isn't one close enough for delivery, but the pizza was a joke. It was the consistency of cardboard and the toppings were sparse. Not to mention it only vaguely resembled a heart. Such is life. Next year I'm inspired to make our own heart shaped pizza. :)

I threw on my sequin skirt just for the sake of feeling fancy when we picked up the pizza. But put on my red polka dot pajamas as soon as we got home.

So things weren't all that bad. The champagne was good and I cried like a baby when we watched 50/50. Which I thought was going to be a comedy. Haha.

sweatshirt ~ target
skirt ~ h&m
tights ~ drugstore
slippers ~ steven




recipe: david chang's ginger scallion noodles

the boyf is OBSESSED with david chang.  so much he's been reading the momofuku cookbook like its a bible ever since he got it for christmas.  when we were in new york last fall, all he wanted to do was eat at momofuku noodle bar.  sadly we never made it.  i blame my old iphone's incapability to run the map app and fatigue from walking all day.  but there's always next time! :)  

the ginger scallion sauce was one of the first things we made from the book.  its pretty freaking amazing.  who knew a bunch of scallions, vinegar and ginger could taste so good.  throw in some dry roasted cauliflower, pickled cucumber and a fried egg on top.  really can't go wrong with this sauce.  we even put it on our scrambled eggs in the morning.  it might even be good on ice cream.  ok probably not....

ginger scallion sauce 
adapted from momofuku

2.5 cups thinly sliced scallions ~ about 2 large bunches
.5 cup finely minced peeled fresh ginger, no need to be shy here! 
.25 cup grapeseed or other neutral oil 
1.5 teaspoons usukuchi (light soy sauce), i used reduced sodium cause thats all i had....
.75 teaspoon sherry vinegar, first time around i used red wine vinegar again cause thats all i had.
.75 teaspoon kosher salt, or more to taste

mix the scallions, ginger, oil, soy, vinegar, and salt together in a bowl.  it's best after 15 or 20 minutes of sitting, but the sauce is good to go after its stirred together and will last up to two days in the fridge.

makes about 3 cups

you can read an excerpt from the cookbook here.



shopping: jason wu for target

well, kids i survived the jason wu for target opening.  i'm not gonna lie, i may or may not have pushed some girls.  this sweater was high up on my list and the dress was surprisingly cuter than expected.  only one got away.  sure it'll show up at the thrift store eventually or there's always ebay. :)  overall most things just weren't as cute in person.

anyone else brave the mob?



nnv: artache 02.05.12

after you've gorged yourself on hot wings and cheap beer during the super bowl come on over to artache to stretch your legs,  drink some mimosas and shop!  hope to see you there.

ps we just listed a ton of new items in the neon nightmare store!


recent happenings: no. 4

snowpocalypse/big mario's/monorail espresso/old favs/roti/nerding out at super deli mart/toulouse petit/rare winter sunset over the sound/new friends/nye/tostadas/redecorating/treats/revel/hiding/full tilt/<3/bob's mini donuts/ootd/dags 

well gang we made it through january!  i can only survive this time of year by eating and drinking a little too much.  which means i spend ALOT of time at the gym.  maybe this should be a food blog since i take more photos of what i'm shoving into my mouth.  i did include one lame attempt of photographing my outfit....

finally ate at revel after reading mixed reviews.  some are saying its one of the best new restaurants in seattle others are saying its meh.  i can agree with both.  everything we ate was either really amazing or mediocre.  pork belly pancakes AMAZING, crab/seaweed noodles not worth the sixteen bucks.  their menu changes monthly so i'll definitely give them another try.