cocktail time: the birthday girl

my birthday has come and gone but i came across this recipe for a birthday cake cocktail, i had to try it. i'm not one for super sweet vodkas that try to mask the alcohol flavor but i gave in to curiosity.  what could cake vodka actually taste like?  well it tastes exactly like you'd think, a little cakey flavor in the beginning and more of a traditional vodka taste at the end.  wow, that's some great descriptive words right there, i wonder why i'm not a paid food writer.  overall, not to sickly sweet.  heck, even the boyf drank it.  but then again he'll drink anything if i put a glass in his hand.  only thing i don't recommend are the sprinkles i used.  they didn't want to stick to the glass too well but they stain your lips.  i would've preferred the crystally kind but when you're at safeway you tend to have limited options.  i don't know how many complaints i've given them about  not carrying sugar cubes, but they'll never listen.  i know, white people problems.

i haven't come across any other decent cake vodka recipes so if you know of some, i'd love to hear them!

the birthday girl cocktail
adapted from mint love social club

.75 oz cake vodka
.5 oz lime juice

rim the edge with sprinkles.  pour in vodka and lime juice.  then top with champagne.  




this or that: pink trousers


i've been eyeing these j. crew trousers for ages, but at $118 (and not to mention they've been on backorder) i've been patiently waiting for them to to hit the sale rack.  but then i stumbled upon these (worn here) old navy ones on sale in store for $9.50!  You can also buy them online for $33, which isn't a bad price at all.


pink PANTher

i really wanted to name this post cankles.  you know cold + ankles.... but i went with my better judgement. 

but going against my better judgement i didn't wear socks.  and its freaking cold out!  i swear it could snow.  i was thinking how some scrunchy socks would be a nice touch but as usual i was running late for the bus and didn't have time to test my theory.  then on my break i was cruising some fashion blogs and came across this girl.  perfect scrunchy socks and cropped trousers!!  sometimes you should just go with your gut instinct.

it was my bday last week and voss was kind enough to give me this rucksack for my bday prezzie.  i about died when is saw the floppy eared bostons all over it.  what can i say, i'm a sucker for anything with bostons or frenchies on them.  i'll have to share my bday loot with you soon.   

sweater ~ zara
coat ~ h&m
trousers ~ old navy
flats ~ steven
scarf ~ burberry


new york diary: part 2

finally here's part two of my trip to new york!!  sorry its a little photo heavy but with my track record its better to get it all up now and not split it into three parts.
had dim sum for the first time in china down.  it was AMAZING!  not that you needed me to tell you that, because i'm sure all of you have had dim sum and know its the jam.  i however steer clear of anything that falls under the chinese food catagory in fear of MSG.  that shit will make you brake out in hives at the gym and then gross out the person next to you on the treadmill not feel so hot.  they had a funny little comic strip on the table showing you how to properly eat the stuff.  why i don't take pictures of these things and then regret it later i'll never know.
dinner at caracas with my pal that i hadn't seen in four years!!  but it felt like i had only seen her the day before.  gotta love friendships like that.
trying to contain my excitement about going in grand central station and the chrysler building.  i wanted to have a fancy cocktail in the campbell apartment in grand central station just like serena does before she heads off on a trip to visit yale.  am i the only person who remembers that episode??  but there were too many tourists around and i got annoyed we left.  hahah.  maybe next time.

don't know why but i always see dead birds when i'm holiday.....

dim sum/brooklyn/central park/the meatball shop/copius amounts of dunkin donuts/brooklyn night bazaar @ dekalb market/brooklyn bridge park

and we're home....

sweater ~ h&m
tank ~ actual pain
denim cutoffs ~ ae
bag ~ see by chloe
sunnies ~ karen walker


party on garth

sadly i only got one photo of me dressed up on halloween.  it would've been awesome if i had gotten one of the boyf and i cause he went as wayne.  

now that halloween is over i can forget about pumpkins and start obsessing over cranberry flavored things until thanksgiving.

tee ~ vintage
flannel ~ uo {borrowed from voss}
jeans {not shown} ~ lucky/thrifted
glasses ~ casual industrees {similar}