a little teasing never hurts

i know my photos are askew but its friday so i'm gonna roll with it.  also, i'm over apologizing for my bathroom shots.  its either me in the bathroom or nothing at all so i guess the bathroom it is.  also i don't know whats going on with my photos, they looked fine on one computer but now that i'm on my mac there are some weird spots.  le sigh.

on a side note, i successfully teased my hair into a larger bun than normal and it was a success.  i have no idea why i was afraid of it before.

but back to business.  i recently mentioned my pals and i had a little project we've been working on.  well, its official, we launched our online vintage store!  check out neon nightmare vintage here for some fun pieces.  this is just a soft launch so check back for loads of new stuff in the coming weeks.  you can also follow our blog to read about our favorite pics, crafternoons and other fun adventures.  you can also like us on facebook.

sweater ~ h&m
shorts ~ j. crew (worn here & here)
slippers ~ steven (worn here
tights ~ drugstore
"carrie" necklace ~  mynamenecklace.com

 hope you have some fun weekend plans!



cause all my rowdy friends drop in on monday night

ah monday night.  so much better than monday mornings don't you agree?  the hardest day of the work week is out of the way and its the best tv night of the week!  and no not because of monday night football (did you catch the reference in my title?).  i'm talking about gossip girl and possibly a new fav hart of dixie.  rachel bilson and country music, you can't go wrong with that. 

since i had my tv lineup to attend to i needed a recipe that didn't require a lot but would also please the boyf.  you didn't think he'd put up with these shows for free did you?  oh no.  so i whipped up something with pork, thyme, lots of garlic and pears.  thats it, four ingredients!

herb-roasted pork tenderloin with pears
adapted from everyday food

1.5 lb pork tenderloin, excess fat removed
4 garlic cloves, thinly sliced
1 tablespoon fresh thyme, minced
salt and pepper
1 tablespoon olive oil
4 bartlett pears, cored and cut into chunks

 heat oven to 475 degrees.  with a paring knife, cut 10~15 slits in the pork and stuff with garlic and thyme.  salt and pepper the meat then brown all sides (about 10 minutes).  add the pears and cook in the oven until the pork reaches an inner temp of 145 degrees.  transfer pork to a plate and let rest for 5 minutes.  hurry and shove the plate in front of your man so you can watch your stories!

i recommend using pears that aren't completely ripened because they get quite soft in the oven.  also please please please always use fresh herbs.  it'll make all of your cooking taste that much better.  and thyme, that shit tastes good in about anything.  also, did you know the fda changed its recommendations on cooking pork?  you can now cook it like beef, a little red in the middle.  like you didn't do that already.


anybody out there.....

hi friends!  i know its been quiet over here for waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long.  but i assure you that i'm still alive.  i've been enjoying the last few days of summer with two trips to montana (and an upcoming trip to new york!), some proper summer weather and a new fun project.  which means i haven't had much time to take an outfit post and haven't been making any new cocktails.  its been a rotation of the same cut-off shorts and tee.  i know boring.  

check back soon for details on my new project with my pals voss and terris.  promise you'll be excited for it.  for now you can have a sneak peak here. :)

for now, enjoy this photo of georgie.


ps can i talk about how this new blogger layout is so much easier to use?!  yeah, its been that long.....