pizza pals: bison creek pizza

its no secret that i have an unhealthy obsession love pizza.  i could seriously eat it a few times a week and not get sick of it (which actually happened over the weekend, oops).  fortunately the boyf loves it as much as i do!  we've always joked about our fictitious blog that we dubbed pizza pals.  our fake blog was going to be about us eating our way through the various pizza parlors in and around town.  since i'm always taking photos of my food i figured why not make this a semi-reoccuring segment right here on the blog.  because lets be honest i can barely maintain this one, let alone attempt two blogs.  

last friday we decided to hit up an old favorite of mine - bison creek pizza.  but before we filled our bellies we hit up the local thrift store.  sadly we came out empty-handed so i was looking forward to pizza to raise my spirits.  i've been going here since i was little with my family and it hasn't changed much since.  i remember my parents always telling me about how there used to be an organ in the restaurant when they were teenagers (some interwebing turned up that it used to be a movie house).  they have lots of big booths, awesome micro beer on tap (i had to have a jolly roger while its still around) and a nice patio if with weathers permitting.  

we usually order a half of the district #2 fire house special and half home on the range (no olives!)  their pizza has a medium thickness, slightly chew crust and not too sauce heavy.  i'll admit its a little on the cheesy side but sometimes i like a good greasy pizza.  a large is just over 20 bucks and its enough for leftovers.  :)  the only downside is that its a family friendly restaurant so expect to see lots of screaming children running around on a friday night. 

during the week they also have all you can eat pizza and salad!  



this or that: leather skater dress

i was pretty excited to watch the three part installment of octv's at home with chloe sevigny.  i love how down to earth she is and it was refreshing to see her home is just the same.  of course i was drooling over the sample dress she was wearing for her next collab with opening ceremony.  alas its retailing for a grand.  but don't pull out that credit card yet ladies!  i stumbled upon an almost identical one on threadsense for $62.  perhaps my new years eve dress?  i think so. 



nnv: artache holiday sale

the girls who run the artache market were kind enough to invite us back for their big holiday sale at vermillion last weekend.  head over to the neon nightmare blog to check out our spread.  and check out our shop soon because we're in the process of adding a ton of new finds.

can you believe i'm actually showing you a proper photogrpah and not some self portrait from my iphone!  this had been my go to outfit as of late.  i've had this sweater dress for ages but i was cold one day and threw a chambray shirt unbuttoned over it and i haven't taken it off since.  top it off with two pairs of tights (my coworkers think i'm crazy) and you're set for the cold.  my milkmaid braids have also been making a comeback but then my boss started calling me yulia.  

coat ~ j. crew
shirt ~ converse/target
dress ~ uo
slip ~ vintage
tights ~ drugstore
boots ~ sam edelman

ps.  my sam edelman boots finally showed up in the mail (after what felt like a month of problems, bleh!)  which means i'll finally get to this diy i was talking about a while back.  although i'll admit i'm a litter nervous....



recent happenings, no. 2

harry potter potluck/birthday celebrations/george dress up/craig's list score/late night adventures/christmas cactus/the best ham & cheese sando/the smell of freedom

my outfit photo-taking has been few and far between but least you know i've been having some fun. :)

outfit 1:
sweater ~ uo
dress ~ f21

outfit 2:
coat ~ vintage
dress ~ rodarte for target
flats ~ h&m

outfit 3:
sweater ~ nordstrom
tank ~ unif
dress (worn as skirt) ~ uo
boots ~ gap