pimm's cup

finally picked up a bottle of pimm's cup after reading rave reviews about it here.  as you all know too well i'm never prepared for such events so as usual i subjected voss to a taste test.  we i enjoyed it a lot, but voss was soon asking for something a bit stronger. 

pimm's cup cocktail
adapted from the back of the bottle!

.5 oz pimm's no. 1 cup
lemon soda (also know as sprite)
strawberry and lime for garnish

fill glass with ice, pour in the pimm's and top with soda.  don't forget to add some garnish if you want to impress your guests.  and bob's your uncle.



well i survived another hempfest.  no, i didn't actually attend.  it happens to take place near my apartment.  while i had to deal with some riffraff no bonfires were set like last year.

this button down has become my new favorite shirt.  its light enough for the warm weather we've been enjoying but can take me into cooler days like today.  boy its hard to adjust from 3 days of 80 degree weather and have it be high 60s and drizzly the next.  well that's seattle for you.

i jumped on the bossypants bandwagon a little late (i blame it on the library, i was # 300 in line on 20 copies).  it was quite good.  it made me laugh and also appreciate snl a little more.  definitely recommend it if you haven't read it already.  

top ~ polo ralph lauren {similar}
jeans ~ levi's
flats ~ steven by steve madden {ooooold}
belt ~ gap {worn here}


recent happenings, no. 1

indian food, macaroons, champagne, iced coffee, the old ride still cruising around town, gluttony, around town, sleepy puppy, ape caves and some light reading. 


citrus sea breeze

i originally found this recipe with an ad for chambord vodka.  being that i couldn't be bothered to go to the store for the proper ingredients, i made do with what i  had in the fridge.  i believe the original recipe calls for cranberry juice and lemon perrier.  but i enjoyed my version. 

citrus sea breeze cocktail
adapted from chambord online

1.5 oz chambord flavored vodka
pomegranate blueberry juice
lime perrier
lime wedge

fill cup with ice.  pour in vodka and top with juice and a splash of perrier.  use the lime wedge for garnish.  stir and sit soak up some sun.


into the trenches

i'm alive friends!  i took a little trip to big sky country last week and left the computer at home.  it felt good to not surf the interweb or watch too much tv for a few days.  don't worry i didn't miss shark week though.  i know you were worried about that.

i know its finally summer in our parts but i can't help myself for transitioning into fall.  it is my favorite time of the year.  and what better way to transition than with a sleeveless trench.  who makes up this crap anway?  i was nice and cozy in the office but i was breaking a sweat come the walk home.  sorry for the bathroom background.  i knew this was my only chance to snap a photo.

trench ~ forever 21
sweater ~ h&m
jeans ~ levi's
shoes ~ steve madden

i got home and realized the heel popped off my flats.  guess its time to finally get them fixed.  can't complain since its friday.  hope you have some fun things planned.



patio for two

it was another beautiful day in paradise the northwest.  part way through the day i managed to tear myself away from the tv to enjoy the sun.  due to our late start the roof had been taken over by people i swear don't even live in my building.  so the next best thing was the weird cement block in our parking lot.  can still see some of the sound and no one bothered me.  although i think some of the neighbors were staring.  hey, they just wish they thought of baking out on this little piece of property.  

been living in this chambray shirt the past week.  bought it because it was on sale and promptly forgot about it.  but now, i kinda like it.  hard to tell in the photos but these shorts are railroad striped, they've also become a staple as of late.  oh and i apologize for the flip-flops.  there's a time and a place for them and i deemed this one of them.  will a couple of cocktail recipes later in the week make up for it???


button-down shirt ~ converse all-stars via target
shorts ~ nordstrom
flip-flops ~ haviana's 

the boyf took better photos this time, no?  <3



summer sunsets

summer evenings are my favorite, especially around the time the sun starts to set.  evenings like this have been few and far between this year, but that makes me appreciate them even more.  i love walking around the neighborhood with the boyf and george on days like this. 

can you believe its august already?!  this year is just flying by.  a little sad really, but i can't wait for fall.  my favorite time of the year.  i've been resisting buying summer clothes that are on sale right now since i won't have much time to wear them.  instead i've been trying hard to mix up what i have.  and its actually been successful.  this tartan shirt is an old favorite and i'm finding almost anything in my wardrobe goes with these shorts (seen here).  

the boyf was nice enough to take some photos for me.  i may have been a little harsh on his photography skills but he'll get better.  and to be honest an ancient iphone isn't helping the situation. 

button down shirt ~ ae
shorts ~ j. crew
flats ~ steve madden

its only monday, but its going to be a short week for me!