lucky, lucky.

i recently acquired a tripod!  its not the nicest looking thing but it'll still be a big help.  i was super excited to take some photos up on the roof with it.  but it was cold and overcast.  so instead you get another round of what i'm not wearing.  

i had an hour to kill last friday, so i was able to take a peak in the thrift store before meeting my friends for drinks.  found a new silky kimono (i've got a little collection going on).  and on sunday the boyf and i hit up the fremont market (the closest thing seattle has to a flea market) and found some kate spade desert boots.  score!  i've been wanting a pair of desert boots for ages. :)

in case you wondered what went on behind the scenes, george insists on helping layout the clothes. 

shirt dress ~ target
cardigan & belt ~ thrifted
shoes ~ uo
scarf ~ vintage


the basics

if i were a cartoon character a variation of this outfit is probably what i'd be drawn in.  i've always gravitated towards stripes and conveniently they come back into fashion every few years so i stock up on  when i can (i'm jealous of this collection).  i've always been one to wear a knitted scarf but i'm liking silk scarves more and more.  

i'm off to the gym and then i'll be making this for dinner and catching up on breaking bad.  can't wait for the new season!

shirt ~ h&m
sweatshirt ~ target
jeans ~ citizens 
scarf ~ vintage


smash, boom, bash.

i've always been a city girl and probably always will be but i love a chance to get out into the country and do something different.  the other weekend i headed out to lind, wa for the town's annual combine demolition derby.  basically they take old combines and smash them into each other.  pair it with some warm weather and cheap beer and you got yourself an interesting afternoon.  i managed to snap a few pictures around town before my camera died.  the town was literally two blocks long.  it was sure nice to check out but i'd go a little crazy if i lived there.  i'll spare you the copious amount of photos i took of the derby with my iphone.  but if your curious as to what this said derby is all about check out this video.  

we missed the parade but i did see the town beauty queens walking around with their crown and sash later in the day.  i wish i could've gotten a better photo of them but i didn't want to seem like a creep!

the fath was nice enough to take an outfit picture for me but he didn't quite get what to do.  hahaha.

top - ae
shorts - joe's (diy cut offs)
flats - steve madden
belt - thrifted
sunnies - karen walker


lazy day.

lazy work outfit.  collard shirt, check.  sweater cause they turned off the heat in the office ages ago, check.  jeans for previous reason, check.  flats for running errands, check.

i'm grateful that i can wear jeans to the office, because i only own two pairs of trousers.  i'm more of a dress kinda girl.  but with the weather in limbo i've reverted back to my jeans.

top - uo
sweater - club monaco
jeans - levi's
flats - steve madden (super old)


finally feels like summer.

the boyf and i had a nice impromptu picnic in the park last sunday.  we picked up a baguette and some salumi coppa at our fav grocery store, whipped up some sandos and headed to the park up the street from our place.  
now this park is a good representation of the neighborhood i live in.  the lower part is quaint, but unkempt and isn't a place a young lady would want to venture in alone after dark (ok my neighborhood isn't that bad but the park is pretty sketch) and you're lucky to catch a glimpse of the sound.  on top however, there's tons of plants and picnic tables and a swing set.  also quite lovely views of the water and no junkies.  i actually prefer the lower half.  there's an enclosed tennis court that's not often used so georgie can play fetch off leash and not worry about him snacking on other dogs.  also because of its reputation there aren't a whole lot of people in the secluded open area.
 so we had the place to ourselves for most of the time and we were able to drink some rose and dive into our new books (i just finished this and the boyf is reading this).
the best part, i finally got to use my pendleton picnic backpack i bought off cl from some frat guy for like $15 and it still had the tags on it.  little does he know it retails for roughly $85!

happy friday!

homemade pipe courtesy of the park bums. <3   

top - h&m
jeans - levi's
sunnies - karen walker


headin' to the sock hop

something about my tied top and my shoes makes me feel like i'm going to a sock hop, but in a good way.  it would be kinda fun to dress like a 50's girl on occasion but i guess this is my modern take on it.  i bought this dress last summer and there's a slim possibility that i wore it once, for half a day.  but after today its kinda growing on me.  although by the end of the day my back hurt from the bow digging into it while i sat at my desk all day.

i've had a hard time with shopping lately, so i've been forced to remix what i have.  and its not such a bad thing.  its making me realize i like mixing different prints. 

yay its thursday!  just got to power through tomorrow.  got any big plans for the weekend?

dress - ae
flats - uo


so this is what purple tastes like.

{wearing: fred perry sweater, tucker for target shirtdress, minnetonka moccasins}

i love this print on this shirt dress but i always have a difficult time with the cut {worn here}. so i was pretty excited when i saw this month's four girls one... article in lucky.  sometimes i need some guidance on things outside of my realm.  now i got some ideas!  my next dilemma was that i'm always wishing i had some slightly oversized sweaters.  then i had a brilliant idea!  i wandered over to the boyf's side of the closet, and like magic a plethora oversized sweaters were just begging for me to wear them and this baby happens to be one of them.

also i can't wait to start reading this book i just picked up from the library.

and i finally picked picked up these karen walker sunnies i've been drooling over for ever.  

i seriously need a tan.  who lets my legs go out in public like that???

got love a filipino party, they always have ube cake and ice cream. :)



{wearing: thrifted sweater coat, h&m tee, levis jeans, report flats, thrifted scarf}

i've been obsessing with this tomato red/orange color for some time.  i've come to the realization i just don't have enough red in my wardrobe.  its a good cheery color on a not so perfect spring day.  voss came over to work on our project but we ended up watching reruns of gilmore girls whilst drinking green tea and sharing our new blog finds.  can't ask for a better weekday afternoon.

my boss was teasing me at work saying this is me in animal form
what?  we match. <3


the lake house

{wearing: target denim dress, target sweatshirt, uo shoes, hue tights}

ahhhhh the family lake house, ok its really just my dad's regular house but it feels like a mini vaca whenever i go over there.  george loves lives to swim in his lake.  its really all he looks forward to besides beating up his sister margot or eating flaming hot cheetos.  

the other upside to visiting the lake house is that there's some good thrift stores within a few minutes drive.  i picked up this fur coat (not sure what kind of fur, its not as soft as some of my others) for $15 and this hawaiian dress for $5.  i'm forecasting that hawaiian prints are going to be all the rage later this summer, or maybe that's me trying to make them cool.

can't wait for summer afternoons boating on the lake! 


its that time again.

there's two things i look forward to at the end of may, george's birthday and copper river salmon.  georgie and i have spent 5 wonderful years together (and i look forward to many more!).  since he only has one puppy friend throwing him a puppy party is sorta out of the question.  so what could be the second best option?  a puppy size steak of course!  

he f'ing loved it!  he had to have a sample of the salmon too. :)

back to this copper river salmon.  i think most of it is the hype but there's something so good about the first fresh salmon of the year.  you don't want to get to crazy with seasoning because you want to taste the flavor.  so i was pretty excited when i found this recipe.

broiled sweet & spicy salmon with pineapple
from everyday foods

1 cup rice (i used brown rice)
1/4 cup pure maple syrup (its worth the money for the high grade stuff)
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 lb. salmon fillets 
salt & pepper to taste
oil for for pan
1/2 of a whole pineapple, cut into pieces
1/4 cup lightly packed cilantro, chopped
lime wedges, for serving

heat broiler and cook rice as normal.  i use a rice cooker, makes life easier but not necessary.  mix maple syrup and cayenne pepper in a bowl and season salmon with s & p.  oil foil and arrange salmon and pineapple in a single layer.  spread half of syrup mixture over everything.  cook 8~11 minutes.  half way through add the rest of the mixture.  add cilantro to rice and serve.

makes 4 servings.