lucky, lucky.

i recently acquired a tripod!  its not the nicest looking thing but it'll still be a big help.  i was super excited to take some photos up on the roof with it.  but it was cold and overcast.  so instead you get another round of what i'm not wearing.  

i had an hour to kill last friday, so i was able to take a peak in the thrift store before meeting my friends for drinks.  found a new silky kimono (i've got a little collection going on).  and on sunday the boyf and i hit up the fremont market (the closest thing seattle has to a flea market) and found some kate spade desert boots.  score!  i've been wanting a pair of desert boots for ages. :)

in case you wondered what went on behind the scenes, george insists on helping layout the clothes. 

shirt dress ~ target
cardigan & belt ~ thrifted
shoes ~ uo
scarf ~ vintage


  1. Thanks for the comment and polish suggestion :)

    Love the shoes and the adorable doggy...so cute!

    Nice to find a fellow Seattle-ite on here...following you now :)


  2. Awww, George is the cutest little thing! I live in Seattle too, and this dreary weather is killing me. Hopefully this just means that summer lasts later into September (and if we are lucky October)!