smash, boom, bash.

i've always been a city girl and probably always will be but i love a chance to get out into the country and do something different.  the other weekend i headed out to lind, wa for the town's annual combine demolition derby.  basically they take old combines and smash them into each other.  pair it with some warm weather and cheap beer and you got yourself an interesting afternoon.  i managed to snap a few pictures around town before my camera died.  the town was literally two blocks long.  it was sure nice to check out but i'd go a little crazy if i lived there.  i'll spare you the copious amount of photos i took of the derby with my iphone.  but if your curious as to what this said derby is all about check out this video.  

we missed the parade but i did see the town beauty queens walking around with their crown and sash later in the day.  i wish i could've gotten a better photo of them but i didn't want to seem like a creep!

the fath was nice enough to take an outfit picture for me but he didn't quite get what to do.  hahaha.

top - ae
shorts - joe's (diy cut offs)
flats - steve madden
belt - thrifted
sunnies - karen walker

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