another day, another dollar.

when i was picking out my outfit for the day, i ran into a dilemma.  i wanted to wear stripes but i also wanted to wear this dress.  so why not wear them together.  it hurts the eyes just enough that it works.  apparently the guy who called me out saying i looked like an american flag clearly did not like my outfit.  well can't please everyone.

i should be going to the gym tonight but instead i think i'll eat more hot dogs and watch true blood. :)

sweater: gap
dress: ozoc
flats: report



  1. Thanks for the kind words!
    I like the juxtaposition of stripes and checker plaid! I gotta say tho, the outfit does look patriotic! haha Maybe that guy is just good at pointing out the obvious.

  2. thanks for the comment!

    love the mixing of patterns and vibrancy of the colors! :)

    take care, aimee
    diy blog: swellmayde.com

  3. I really love that sweater and the flats x Sushi