patio for two

it was another beautiful day in paradise the northwest.  part way through the day i managed to tear myself away from the tv to enjoy the sun.  due to our late start the roof had been taken over by people i swear don't even live in my building.  so the next best thing was the weird cement block in our parking lot.  can still see some of the sound and no one bothered me.  although i think some of the neighbors were staring.  hey, they just wish they thought of baking out on this little piece of property.  

been living in this chambray shirt the past week.  bought it because it was on sale and promptly forgot about it.  but now, i kinda like it.  hard to tell in the photos but these shorts are railroad striped, they've also become a staple as of late.  oh and i apologize for the flip-flops.  there's a time and a place for them and i deemed this one of them.  will a couple of cocktail recipes later in the week make up for it???


button-down shirt ~ converse all-stars via target
shorts ~ nordstrom
flip-flops ~ haviana's 

the boyf took better photos this time, no?  <3


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