anybody out there.....

hi friends!  i know its been quiet over here for waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long.  but i assure you that i'm still alive.  i've been enjoying the last few days of summer with two trips to montana (and an upcoming trip to new york!), some proper summer weather and a new fun project.  which means i haven't had much time to take an outfit post and haven't been making any new cocktails.  its been a rotation of the same cut-off shorts and tee.  i know boring.  

check back soon for details on my new project with my pals voss and terris.  promise you'll be excited for it.  for now you can have a sneak peak here. :)

for now, enjoy this photo of georgie.


ps can i talk about how this new blogger layout is so much easier to use?!  yeah, its been that long.....

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