portland diary: part 2

easter, always one of those holidays my family pretends not to care about but makes it into a huge ordeal at the last minute.  i was planning on enjoying our last day in rose city grabbing another cuppa joe at barista, checking out a few more shops, then hit up edgefield for some gin, new seasons for some garlic bread (i dream about the stuff) and perhaps the premium outlets on the way home.  alas, we didn't have time for everything but alcohol and carbs being high on my priority list we made time for a couple of stops.  

during our trip we went to an art installation in someones closet.  don't ask my how i get myself into this mess.  it just happens.  anyway i'm sure if you scroll through my photos you can figure out what it was. :)

the upside to coming home early was an easter egg hunt (never too old!) and the dags getting a chance to play in the lake.  

shirt ~ crew cuts
jacket ~ pendleton x levi's
jeans ~ levi's
bag ~ kate spade
boots ~ sam edelman 

xo alicia


  1. coveting the kate spade hardcore!


  2. Sooo beautiful photos!! :)