recent happenings: no. 6

 remember when you were little and your parents used to tell you time went by faster the older you get; well they weren't lying.  march went by in a flash.  another trip to the mountains, celebrating a few birthdays including the boyf's, me and the nightmare girls selling at a new market.  all that and trying to squeeze in some much needed love with george and some downtime watching new girl.  which i'm officially OBSESSED with.  

new girl, how you make my day better.  favorite quote: "i'm going to tap him like a maple tree." ~ jess 

 my two favorite vices: a mannys at lorettas & coffee from all city
 new polish from my first birchbox order.  i've been getting a lot of questions about my ring lately, its from kohls!  hahaha.  it's available here.
no words for this
celebrating some belated birthdays at simply desserts

girls night/birthday celebration at cafe presse

classic seattle view.  you've seen it in every movie that was based here.


terris manning the neon nightmare booth at the capitol hill flea market

hooked on draw something! @georgekillskids

it was like christmas when my kate spade bag came in the mail <3

food in german town

i'll steal this lamp one day
mountain adventures

best bahn mi in town, i'm usually the only whitey there.  haha

hooked on this chicken couscous salad from tj's

drinks with voss at the sitting room, it felt like spring for one day :)
the boyf officially hates me now <3

typical seattle day

.....and my favorite part about spring, muscat grape are in season.  if i could only eat one fruit for the rest of my life it would be these golden babies.  



  1. Gahhh you have NO idea how obsessed I am with New Girl; I def. have a girl crush going on for Zooey and am super jealous of her wardrobe.lol

    Also, yay for that cute ring and polish!!


  2. Glad to see cake made the cut. :) Next up - popcorn?

  3. Love that chair and white fur throw! Where from?!

    The Wearist

  4. Great post :) Your dog has such a great face! I love muscat grapes! They're so delicious. I need to go buy more before they get too expensive.