outfits: stand up comedy

I've packed away my suitcase and put my jet setting days behind me, at least for the time being.  I'm happy to be home with the boyf and Georgie but I sure do miss the heat.  Oh and there's that thing called work I had to go back to. 

With my whirlwind trips, I kept forgetting I had bought tickets to see Aziz Ansari.  This was my first time seeing stand up and boy Aziz did not disappoint.  Whenever the boyf and I go on road trips we listen to Aziz's first stand up so it was exciting to hear some new material.  If you thought his R. Kelly impression was good wait til you hear his Seal impression.  He also touched on the topics of being the cutest brown baby alive and his views on marriage.  I won't even try to repeat any of his jokes because i know I'll fail miserably.  

Afterwards we hit up Le Pichet for some late night eats.  Which was pretty much amazing.  I don't think I could ever tire of eating french food, although my waistline would.  I don't know how the French eat all that bread and stay so thin.  Must be all the wine and cigarettes.  

I picked up these shiny pants from Topshop while I was in Vegas n sale for $50!  I'd say that was a steal.  I'm not one to usually by multiples of an item but these came in high waisted shorts too and I couldn't say no.  I made friends with the girl at Barney's but other than that I got mostly odd looks while I was wandering through downtown.

sweater ~ Zara
tank ~ Madewell
blazer ~ Marc by Marc Jacobs
pants ~ Topshop
slippers ~ Sam Edelman
bag ~ See by Chloe

I'm definitely going to make them into a more casual look real soon.  That camo jacket is ace. <3

I'll try to get some travel diary posts up of my trips over the next couple of weeks.



  1. Soooo jelly you got to see Aziz! He is hilarious!

    Your pants are mighty fancy and amazing lady! So fun and pretty. Love the way you styled them :)



  2. These gold trousers are amazing. You look like a lovely chocolate bar!