finally feels like summer.

the boyf and i had a nice impromptu picnic in the park last sunday.  we picked up a baguette and some salumi coppa at our fav grocery store, whipped up some sandos and headed to the park up the street from our place.  
now this park is a good representation of the neighborhood i live in.  the lower part is quaint, but unkempt and isn't a place a young lady would want to venture in alone after dark (ok my neighborhood isn't that bad but the park is pretty sketch) and you're lucky to catch a glimpse of the sound.  on top however, there's tons of plants and picnic tables and a swing set.  also quite lovely views of the water and no junkies.  i actually prefer the lower half.  there's an enclosed tennis court that's not often used so georgie can play fetch off leash and not worry about him snacking on other dogs.  also because of its reputation there aren't a whole lot of people in the secluded open area.
 so we had the place to ourselves for most of the time and we were able to drink some rose and dive into our new books (i just finished this and the boyf is reading this).
the best part, i finally got to use my pendleton picnic backpack i bought off cl from some frat guy for like $15 and it still had the tags on it.  little does he know it retails for roughly $85!

happy friday!

homemade pipe courtesy of the park bums. <3   

top - h&m
jeans - levi's
sunnies - karen walker


  1. man, what is cl and where are the rest of these frat guys with pendleton backpacks? awesome. you're way cute.

  2. cl is craigslist! you'd be surprised how much pendleton stuff you can find on there. :)