headin' to the sock hop

something about my tied top and my shoes makes me feel like i'm going to a sock hop, but in a good way.  it would be kinda fun to dress like a 50's girl on occasion but i guess this is my modern take on it.  i bought this dress last summer and there's a slim possibility that i wore it once, for half a day.  but after today its kinda growing on me.  although by the end of the day my back hurt from the bow digging into it while i sat at my desk all day.

i've had a hard time with shopping lately, so i've been forced to remix what i have.  and its not such a bad thing.  its making me realize i like mixing different prints. 

yay its thursday!  just got to power through tomorrow.  got any big plans for the weekend?

dress - ae
flats - uo

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