so this is what purple tastes like.

{wearing: fred perry sweater, tucker for target shirtdress, minnetonka moccasins}

i love this print on this shirt dress but i always have a difficult time with the cut {worn here}. so i was pretty excited when i saw this month's four girls one... article in lucky.  sometimes i need some guidance on things outside of my realm.  now i got some ideas!  my next dilemma was that i'm always wishing i had some slightly oversized sweaters.  then i had a brilliant idea!  i wandered over to the boyf's side of the closet, and like magic a plethora oversized sweaters were just begging for me to wear them and this baby happens to be one of them.

also i can't wait to start reading this book i just picked up from the library.

and i finally picked picked up these karen walker sunnies i've been drooling over for ever.  

i seriously need a tan.  who lets my legs go out in public like that???

got love a filipino party, they always have ube cake and ice cream. :)

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  1. Dying over your Karen Walker sunnies - man, I'd freakin' love a pair! x