this or that: glitter boots


with this diy.

welcome to this or that.  i've been doing this on occasion on my tumblr but thought it'd make a good addition to the blog.  more content = good, right?  while i don't usually scour the interweb for frugal alternatives to designer duds, there are already blogs dedicated to that, but on occasion i'll have an "ah ha!" moment were i know i've seen a cheaper version else where.  

i have been ogling these barney's glitter boots {$595} for some time, but the boyf wallet won't allow it.  i've also been lusting after these sam edelman {$160}.  then i had a grand idea, a mimosa or two helped, i could use this diy to make the boots.  pure genius!  my only concern is that the glitter won't stick to the suede, so i may need to cut a template to secure onto {sew or glue perhaps?} the back half.  if you have any insight onto how you would do this i'd like to here your thoughts. :)

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  1. I think it would work! Pure genius! Mod Podge is pretty much a form of tacky glue, so the rough suede might actually hold on to it pretty well. Maybe grab a scrap of suede from somewhere to try it out on?

    Let me know how it goes. Cause, girl, you know I love a good DIY!!


  2. Also, THESE:


    No gold though :/

  3. i knew i could count on you renee! thanks for the great ideas. i'm going to do a test strip before i buy the suede ones. if not then i may need to buy those topshop ones.

    i'll let you know how it goes. :)