pink PANTher

i really wanted to name this post cankles.  you know cold + ankles.... but i went with my better judgement. 

but going against my better judgement i didn't wear socks.  and its freaking cold out!  i swear it could snow.  i was thinking how some scrunchy socks would be a nice touch but as usual i was running late for the bus and didn't have time to test my theory.  then on my break i was cruising some fashion blogs and came across this girl.  perfect scrunchy socks and cropped trousers!!  sometimes you should just go with your gut instinct.

it was my bday last week and voss was kind enough to give me this rucksack for my bday prezzie.  i about died when is saw the floppy eared bostons all over it.  what can i say, i'm a sucker for anything with bostons or frenchies on them.  i'll have to share my bday loot with you soon.   

sweater ~ zara
coat ~ h&m
trousers ~ old navy
flats ~ steven
scarf ~ burberry

1 comment:

  1. I think cankles would have been a great title haha...I often suffer from that as well....

    Cute flats..and happy belated bday girl!