new york diary: part 2

finally here's part two of my trip to new york!!  sorry its a little photo heavy but with my track record its better to get it all up now and not split it into three parts.
had dim sum for the first time in china down.  it was AMAZING!  not that you needed me to tell you that, because i'm sure all of you have had dim sum and know its the jam.  i however steer clear of anything that falls under the chinese food catagory in fear of MSG.  that shit will make you brake out in hives at the gym and then gross out the person next to you on the treadmill not feel so hot.  they had a funny little comic strip on the table showing you how to properly eat the stuff.  why i don't take pictures of these things and then regret it later i'll never know.
dinner at caracas with my pal that i hadn't seen in four years!!  but it felt like i had only seen her the day before.  gotta love friendships like that.
trying to contain my excitement about going in grand central station and the chrysler building.  i wanted to have a fancy cocktail in the campbell apartment in grand central station just like serena does before she heads off on a trip to visit yale.  am i the only person who remembers that episode??  but there were too many tourists around and i got annoyed we left.  hahah.  maybe next time.

don't know why but i always see dead birds when i'm holiday.....

dim sum/brooklyn/central park/the meatball shop/copius amounts of dunkin donuts/brooklyn night bazaar @ dekalb market/brooklyn bridge park

and we're home....

sweater ~ h&m
tank ~ actual pain
denim cutoffs ~ ae
bag ~ see by chloe
sunnies ~ karen walker


  1. Oh, you must have a thing for sprinkles! I just got back from the UK, where they call sprinkles "hundreds and thousands." Genuis~

  2. heya! wiji here from tumblr, finally got a blogspot account haha :)i drool over that ice cream with sprinklessss and the cutie frenchie, too. you look lovely, as always. :)