pizza pals: valentines day edition

As much as I love an excuse to buy pressies and have an excuse to decorate everything in hearts I kinda think valentines day is overrated. Crowded restaurants with over priced fixed menus and cranky waiters really isn't my thing. So last year the Boyf and I decided to make papa johns heart shaped pizza paired with a bottle of champagne our little tradition.

Last year I was so excited for said pizza I didn't care how it was going to taste. This year I was disappointed. I can't say we ever get papa johns because there isn't one close enough for delivery, but the pizza was a joke. It was the consistency of cardboard and the toppings were sparse. Not to mention it only vaguely resembled a heart. Such is life. Next year I'm inspired to make our own heart shaped pizza. :)

I threw on my sequin skirt just for the sake of feeling fancy when we picked up the pizza. But put on my red polka dot pajamas as soon as we got home.

So things weren't all that bad. The champagne was good and I cried like a baby when we watched 50/50. Which I thought was going to be a comedy. Haha.

sweatshirt ~ target
skirt ~ h&m
tights ~ drugstore
slippers ~ steven


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  1. Well at least you looked good! haha That pizza is sad....I was curious about how it looked because it sounded so cute, what a bummer!