outfits: a day for saints

hi!  finally a proper outfit post.  thanks to turning the clocks ahead i've been able to get outside when there's daylight.  and the sun decided to make an appearance after the snow storm blew through the city.  

this past weekend was one of those weekends where you get to do things at your own pace.  after two trips to the mountains and the boyf's birthday it was nice to have things be low key.  saturday voss, terris and i braved the snow and headed south to find some new goods for the neon nightmare shop.  and found lots of great stuff.  i behaved myself and didn't bring home any personal items.  

for linner the boyf and i sought refuge at kushi bar (which has become my new fav spot).  although the bars and streets were packed with people celebrating st. patty's day, the restaurant only had a few patrons.  guess any non-pub was a good choice for a relaxing meal.  since it was so nice out we were able to walk home.  which lead to us popping into kuhlman's and the boyf having to drag me out before i pulled out the credit card to by this pendleton portland collection coat.  i'm still tempted to go back and buy it.  it was on sale.....he should've let me buy it so it would've been remembered as the st. paddy's i bought that fabulous coat and not the st. paddy's that i saw two drunk college kids mooning each other in the middle of the day.  for the record i see drunk people's butts far more often than i'd like to admit.  such is life. :)

had to wear some obligatory green of course.  this boy scout shirt was my dad's when he was a kid!  sadly it doesn't have any of the patches on it anymore, perhaps they got moved to a larger sized shirt at some point.   i've had it for a sometime but recently started wearing it.  i think its quickly become one of my new favorite shirts.  i've also been living in this unif tank.  its so soft, it feels like one of those shirts you've had for ages that have just the right amount of wear.  i put this on instagram too and unif liked it!!  i just about died.  i'm sure she likes anything that has a unif hashtag but still.  i was giddy for the rest of the evening.  

shirts ~ vintage, target
tank ~ unif
coat ~ club monaco 
jeans ~ levi's 
boots ~ sam edelman
sunnies ~ karen walker

finally tried kushi bar's okonomiyaki.  i think my version is better but its a treat to have it at a restaurant and not many japanese restaurants in seattle have it on the menu.   emo made some awesome okonomiyaki but sadly they've been closed for some time.  

on the way home we found a box outside an antique store with some free treasures.  lets just say i left that creepy clown behind.  

hope you had a fabulous weekend too.


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  1. This outfit is soooo amazing! I love that the top is your dad's old boy scouts uniform shirt! So cool....also great shoes :)

    ps I demand more outfit posts such as these. hehe