cocktails: citrus lillet spritzer

i realize its been a while since i posted a cocktail recipe.  my last one was way back in november.  sadly i haven't been enjoying any exciting new cocktails at home.  winter usually brings on the beer, then guilt sets in and i move on to wine or gin and tonics.  now i'm bored with those as well.  so i like to see what i can make at 11pm on a saturday night with the ingredients i have have laying around.  turning to my trusty pinterest cocktail board i can usually find something.  enter the citrus lillet spritzer.  like most recipes i find it has good bones but not exactly what i want.  there was just too much lillet and oj action in this drink.  with a splash of champagne.  sorry martha, you had it all wrong; there always needs to be more champagne.  this is a good example as why you'll never see a baking recipe on this blog.  it would be an utter disaster.  i'm aware baking recipes are an exact science.  

citrus lillet spritzer

1.5 oz lillet
1.5 oz oj
orange zest for garnish

pour lillet and oj into a champagne flute and top with champagne.  

basically a fancilfied mimosa.  now go impress your girlfriends. <3


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  1. i AGREE. always more champagne. I am going to try this and impress people with my fanciness when they see the bottle of lillet.