outfits: denim for days

boohoo, back to my instagram pics.  i've been lurving denim like no ones business these days.  despite not enjoying wearing jeans all that much i want to wear it everywhere else.  i've also been trying to rotate in some oldies that have been hiding in the closet.  like the jeans in no. 2.  i've been wanting some boyfriend cut jeans for a while but they're all too baggy on my midget legs.  i tried on this old pair of joes jeans to see if it was time to send them to crossroads/buffalo exchange (more on that in a future post).  usually the boyf hates anything too "fashionable" but he says, oh did you finally find some boyfriend jeans?  success!  

i've been in a bit of a hair rut lately, so i've been forcing myself to try out new things.  this style is really easy and there's a tutorial here.  and it leaves your hair curly if you sleep with it up overnight.  two for one, YAY.  also i've been reading too much manga (i know i'm a secret dork and fourteen) which lead me to this funny little 'do in no. 3.  i got a lot of weird comments at work but i thought it was cute.  so they can't get me down!


outfit 1:
sweater ~ boys' ralph lauren via thrift store
dress ~ j. crew
belt (from dress) ~ tucker for target
booties ~ 80%20
tights ~ drug store

outfit 2:
sweater ~ j. crew
jeans ~ joes jeans
flats ~ steve madden

outfit 3:
denim jacket ~ pendleton x levi's
shirt ~ levi's
dress ~ thrifted
sneakers ~ vans
tights ~ drugstore


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  1. Such cute looks, esp. the first one! Your bun is really cute also :)