outfits: slacking

Major slacking this past week friends, but heres a few instagram shots. It was cold, I mean really cold. Ok it wasn't that bad but looking at all the spring lines make it that much worse. Yesterday snow, tomorrow supposed to be close to 60. Mother nature can't make up her mind. 

I also blame work. It's one of the busiest times a year and I have to look somewhat presentable so I washed my hair fell back on my safe outfits. Which aren't really all that exciting.

To make things more chaotic I thought it'd be a good idea to take a mini holiday during all of this. It was nice to get out of the city and into the mountains with the boyf and some friends but alas it wasn't very relaxing {a few photos on instagram} . Least it'll be smooth sailing for a while. Plus it's hard to be in a bad mood when spring is just around the corner. I'm already daydreaming about picnics under the blooming cherry blossom trees. 

This first outfit somehow has never happened before.  These are my usual lazy day pieces yet they never make an appearance together.  now i'm sold.  this sweater has seen better days but i haven't found a replacement yet. :\

No. 2 is my other go to outfit.  denim shirt (I have two in rotation, I think I may need another) and faux leather jumper.  The boyf and I went to SAM remix that night.  I had a great time although I was a little under-dressed.  It was just so cold out that night I couldn't think of wearing anything fancy.

Last but not least, I scored this J. Crew denim dress at the thrift store the other day for $5!  Yeah you read that right, five whole dollars.  I've been in a thrifting rut but this lifted my spirits a bit.  

Outfit 1:
sweater ~ bdg
skirt ~ uo
tights ~ target
boots ~ cole haan

Outfit 2:
denim shirt ~ crewcuts
leather jumper ~ threadsence
bag ~ see by chloe 

Outfit 3:
denim dress ~ j. crew 
leggings ~ target
socks ~ gap
boots ~ cole haan
hat ~ uo


  1. Oh geezzz I really love number 2! That is just the best lookin big ol floppy hat I have ever seen! You look adorbs as always lady :)

    ps totally feel you on the weather thing...snow...wtf..and then 60 degrees tomorrow...pnw is cray cray.


  2. great everyday looks... super comfy and chic!