outfits: red on red on red

this tomatoy orange red has been my favorite shade of red for ages.  finally its been popular the past few season so i've been slowly stocking up on some colored items.  and somehow navy blue has replaced black in my wardrobe.  and i not so secretly like wearing the two together.  i know, i vomited a little in my mouth just saying that.  

its been rainy and snowy around here AGAIN.  this weather is really putty a cramp in my wardrobe.  although i did manage to pull myself together a few times.  outfit one sums up my life motto as of late "throw a denim shirt over it".  voss agrees, it instantly makes an outfit cooler.  lets just say i froze my butt off in outfit two.  but george thought i smelt nice. <3 at first i hated number three, it was one of those days i wish i had just changed into a safety outfit but i was running extra late for the bus so i had to just go with it.  if you follow me on instagram you know i was sulking about it all day. BUT by the end of the day it grew on me.  i also got caught in a torrential downpour on the way home and had to buy one of those plastic old lady rain bonnets.  i think they might be on to something!  now i need to figure out how to turn it into this.


outfit 1:
tunic ~ h&m
shirt  ~ target
jeans ~ levi's
boots ~ sam edelman 

outfit 2:
sweater ~ zara
dress ~ by corpus via uo
flats ~ h&m {similar ones}
tights ~ target

outfit 3:
 sweater ~ j. crew
shirt ~ target
jeans ~ levi's
boots ~ cole haan


the girls and i are working on getting some new stuff up on the neon nightmare vintage site so check back there soon!



  1. I love the reddish orange h&m tunic... tried it on a while back but didn't get it. Kinda regretting it. Also, a huge fan of the 3rd outfit.

  2. The second look is my fav! I love the sweater esp layer over the dress! Love the bright red flats toooooo!

    p.s. I am having my first ever giveaway if you would like to enter :)