outfits: frequent flyer miles

A quick hello before I'm off to a work conference in Indianapolis and then Vegas for 4 days for a friend's birthday!  Not to mention I just did a little road trip to Crater Lake.  Nice to pretend to be a jet setter for a month.  The boyf and George sure are sad though.  You can follow along my travels on Instagram.  

I pulled myself together a couple of days last week.  I love that grey sweatshirt too much.  I got splattered while painting the new apartment (note to self latex chalkboard paint doesn't wash out).  It was time for a new one anyway, but then it slowly crept back into rotation.  Oh well. :)

outfit 1:
sweater ~ J. Crew
jeans ~ Levi's
booties ~ Target

outfit 2:
sweatshirt ~ Target
top ~ thrifted
skirt ~ Forever 21
tights ~ drugstore
slippers ~ By Paige

outfit 3:
field jacket ~ vintage/found in my gma's attic
sweater ~ Tommy Girl
shorts ~ AE
tights ~ drugstore
booties ~ Target

If you have any recommendations of fun things to do/eat in Indianapolis I'd love to hear them.

xo Alicia


  1. Love look 3 the most!! You are always toooo adorable lady!!

    Yay for travelin'! :)


  2. Great outfit :) Love your blog btw.