recent happenings: no. 7

Sigh.  I had written a nice post and some captions to go with all my photos.  Then I decided to upload a couple more photos via my iPhone and it reverted back to the post on my phone.  So instead, here's a lovely photo stream of whats been going on over the past two months.  

twist on my new favorite drink ~ ginger greyhound from virginia inn

jazz up your standard pb&j

view from my new apartment.

finally black walls!  official colors are benjamin moore witching hour & sparkling wine.  no i did not choose them solely on the names. ;)



treacle tart for a friend

if a meals so good, i now call it my #deathrowmeal

I moved to a new spot with a view!  Started ballet and cooked a lot.  Barely did any shopping, instead I get to spend all my money at the vet.  I guess thats why I wear the same two shirts all the time.

Outfit 1:
shirt ~ Crew Cuts
sweater ~ Nordstrom
jeans ~ Levi's
flats ~ Sam Edelman

Outfit 2:
chambray shirt ~ Target
gingham shirt ~ Ralph Lauren kids
sweatshirt ~ Target
vest ~ Nike Sportswear
jeans ~ Levi's
boots ~ Cole Haan

Outfit 3:
top ~ St. James
jeans ~ Levi's
flats ~ Old Navy

Outfit 4:
chambray shirt ~ Target
gingham shirt ~ Ralph Lauren kids
jeans ~ Levi's

flats ~ Steve Madden

Outfit 5:
tank ~ UNIF

Outfit 6:
sweater ~ Gap
jeans ~ Levi's
sandals ~ Target

xo Alicia

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