outfits: breaking the mold

i feel like every few years my tastes in fashion want to do a 180.  i'm currently at that crossroads.  its not that i want to dress super trendy, thats not the type of gal i am.  i like to stick to my tomboyish roots.  heck i preferred nina turtles to barbie any day.  and if i did play barbie's it was usually to dress ken in drag.  i wonder what a psychologist would have to say about that.  anyway barbie has nothing to do with my current conundrum.  if i were rich i'd just hop a plane to new york and have a ball.  but since i live in a place called reality, i've been purging some oldies at buffalo and slowly trying to get some new pieces in rotation.  lately this lady in particular and all of these ladies have been my inspiration.  another obstacle has been shopping local.  i love to support my local businesses, but besides totokaelo, the pnw doesn't have much to offer me.  

boohoo, poor me, right?  anyway.  i'm finally off my vacation comedown and getting back into my daily routine.  boy did i miss ballet!  it makes monday almost the best day of the week, ALMOST.  i wish it was more often than that.

outfit 1:
sweater ~ club monaco {old}
skirt ~ hinge via nordstrom
booties ~ target

outfit 2:
flats ~ h&m {recent}

outfit 3:
tee ~ nordstrom
jeans ~ joes jeans
belt ~ gap
brogues ~ halogen via nordstrom

hope you have a lovely weekend ahead of you.  i'm bummed i'll be missing grimes and neko case at the capitol hill block party but with rain in the forecast, hiking in eastern washington sounds like a much better. time. 

xo alicia


  1. Love the dress in look number 2! So cute!



  2. Perfect looks! I love how you blended edgy feminines with your tomboy style :)

    Xo Sahra

  3. I used to good at show myself during take photos by myself, and its a nice way to do that! Good luck with you!