recipe: homemade bibicaffe

one of my favorite summer time drinks is iced coffee. and the creme de la creme of iced coffee is bibicaffe. it's a delightful sweetened carbonated espresso drink imported from italy. heck even in the dead of winter i'd drink one they're so good. sadly the a couple of years ago the only distributed lost the rights to import it. tragic yes, but being a good hoarder i stashed a 40 oz size bottle for a rainy day. lately there have been some copy cats popping up at the specialty grocery store in my hood but none compare to the original. i had some soda water that was going to waste so i decide to start getting crafty. this is where my years of being a barista come into play.

i used:
6 oz iced coffee concentrate {this one from the ny times is my fav}
4 oz soda water
honey syrup {its the lazy person's simple syrup}
half & half
lots of ice

here's where it gets real complicated.  fill your glass with ice, if you planned ahead you should fill your ice cube tray with leftover coffee to make coffee ice cubes, pour in coffee concentrate then soda water.  if i'm making regular iced coffee i usually do equal parts coffee and water but for some reason wit the soda water i feel like you need a bit more.  top with honey syrup and half & half.  pull out your favorite book or turn on your favorite program and you're good to go.

hope you're hooked, i know i am!

xo alicia


  1. YUM! I need to try this. I have been obsessed with Cafe Sua Da for the past year...but would love to switch it up! Thanks for sharing ;)



  2. If you can make it all by yourself it even have no need to buy it outside, that's must be crazy, hope you can do it very well!

  3. I totally remember (and love) Bibi Caffe! I just found an amazing replacement at San Francisco's new Andytown coffee shop called the Snowy Plover - soooo good!