outfits: walking the dag

i'm a creature of habit.  i like my routines and i get anxious when things don't go according to plan.  fortunately this works out for george since he (and most dogs i assume) like routines.  one thing that george and i do every day after work is go for a long walk.  rain or shine.  doesn't matter we have to do it.  since the sun decides to finally come out around the time we go for walks i've been living in these aerie shorts.  they're so comfy and the more i wear them the more they stretch to that perfect amount of bagginess.  and they have spacious pockets!  key for caring all those puppy treats and poop bags.  nothing worse than getting caught not picking up your pup's poo.  fact's of life people.  life can't be glamorous all the time.  

lets say my rainy day walking gear isn't as fashionable.  i look more like your typical seattleite.  :)

tee ~ vintage via dad
shorts ~ aerie
shoes ~ van's with custom laces

xo alicia

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  1. those shorts look so cute and comfy! yay for nice weather for walking the pooch :)