diy: studded ballet slippers

the boyf went to a baseball game the other night which means it's girls night in at hq.  voss came over for some champagne and boxed mac and cheese and we started watching revenge.  it has bambi from secret diary of a call girl so we were already sold.  let me tell you, this show is bananas.  we got through the first 3 episode and there is more drama than the first season of gossip girl.  

voss brought over her studding gear or as she likes to call it "punk rock knitting kit" and she let me toughen up my ballet slippers.  needless to say i got flack from my ballet teacher last night.  but i think she secretly likes them.

you could do this to any pair of flats really or if you want some fancy slipper for around the house you could do it to a pair of real ballet slipper like i did.  if you do go this route, they only  have a bit of suede on the bottom so don't wear them out of the house.

item you'll need:
ballet slippers or flats
leather/fabric punch
prong press
*you can get a studding starter kit here from studs & spikes.

arrange the studs in the order you want them and press them in to make indents with the prongs, you'll have to repeat this step for each stud.  punch a hole through the fabric with the hole puncher then pop in the stud.  flip shoe over to bend in the prongs.  make sure you bend them in deep so they won't scratch the tops of your feet.

or if you're too lazy you could always buy a pair from bonadrag. :)

xo alicia


  1. Adorable! I love the touch of toughness to these girl slippers :)

    Also, thanks for reminding me about the awesomeness that is studs & spikes! I have not even thought about that store for yearssss. I used to stud all my jackets when in highschool...but didn't have the proper tools; just the studs and a flathead screwdriver to bend the prongs....oh and lots of broken fingernails haha



  2. Love anything studded.... good idea, I have my Gap ballerinas

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